15 best blogs to follow about brand designs

Brand design is one of the most essential features of a particular brand. It is through brand design that a brand strives to communicate clearly with its target audience. Below is a list of recommended logo brand designs.

Helvetic Brands
The site of the Swiss-based independent designer, David Pache, Helvetic brands focuses on logo designing and brand identity. The site hosts portfolio of David and is also an excellent blog that features several great articles on branding and logo design.

Identity forum
Identity forum comprises of regular contributions from identity exports, leading designers and even corporate brand managers. Contributors on this site are considered to be highly acclaimed within the industry. The plethora of experience that has been shared on Identity forum illustrates the fact there is indeed a lot to be learned here.

 Just creative design
One of the most popular blogs of Jacob cass, just creative design is filled with several great articles related to logo design.

The design cubicle
A blog run by web, logo and graphic designer Brian Hoff, the design cubicle is a general graphic design blog, It comprises of several great articles that covers the topic of brand identity and logo design.

Logo design love
Logo design love is a website that solely focuses on logo design. It is a site that is run by David Alrey and comprises of news, articles and opinions regarding brand identity.

Processed identity
Processed identity is a site that has been created by visual identity designer Steve Zelle. The site comprises of some outstanding and extremely thoughtful articles that focus on identity design.

The Dieline
The dieline is a place where the community of package design community is able to critique, review and stay informed regarding the latest trends in the industry along with the different design projects created in the field.

A division of crop, QBN is a job board in which creative community engages and communicates with each other. This website provides a wide range of creative links and brand design covers.

Design you trust
Design you trust is an hourly design blog and community that is full of design portfolios, design articles, fashion, design trends and video designs.

MANYSTUFF focuses on publication design, typography, photography and other different pleasing things for the viewers.

Computer love is a website portal on which creative community engages itself and communicates with each other regarding different brand designs.

Brand New
Brand New provides highly unique brand design opinions on brand identity and corporate work. It focuses on identity design but it also looks at packaging

A blog that is dedicated to history of graphic designing is GURAFIKU. It focuses on eradicating the language barrier and provides the graphic design of Japan to users around the world.

It is an online publication that provides design inspiration and resource for highly curious and creative minds.

AilsleOne is an inspirational resource that focuses on typography, design, modernism and minimalism.


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